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In a title such as “Tap Tap, Boom Boom” the word in the title sound like the sounds that they make.  What is the word for the kind of word that mimics a sound?

“Oh no!”  I exclaimed.  I knew what word Bob, the librarian wanted, but instead I spelled:  “Tap T-A-P Tap.”  The judges, including library Director Mary Hastler, understood that I was kidding and allowed me another chance, though they could as well have passed to the next person.


Answering the question correctly was only the beginning.  The key was to spell it.  Read more…

Marching with the Library on Main Street

Every Hero Needs a Story.  Harford County Public Library at the 4th of July Parade on Main Street, Bel Air.

There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library

So said Andrew Carnegie and so we celebrate the freedom to read and march with the library down Main Street on the 4th of July, as we do every year.

This was the first year that the parade route was reversed and instead of starting downtown and ending on Idlewild Street it started on Main Street near Idlewild and marched towards downtown. Most of the parade did not march on Idlewild Street at all – in fact other than the various cars for Miss Fire Prevention etc very little of the parade was visible to the denizens of Idlewild Street who for so many ears have simply set up chairs on their lawns or glanced out their windows to see the parade go by.

Tubing down Rock Run

We love Junior Ranger Camp with the Department of Natural Resources.  This year they finished off the 5-day camp with a morning of floating down the Rock Run in a tube.


ఆవకాయి made in the USA!

My mom and my brother with all the ఆవకాయి.

Who needs to import ఆవకాయి from India when you can make it yourself?

Time to Say NO to Walmart again.

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 8:52 AM, “” <> wrote:

Message from Bel Air South – Walmart is still trying to build a store in Bel Air over public opposition.
Tell Wal-Mart that enough is enough.

This e-mail goes out to 1300 citizens against a Bel Air Wal-Mart.


If you saw last Wednesday’s Aegis about Wal-Mart crying “unfair” it was a desperate and feeble attempt to feed the community misinformation about the benefits of a new store.

Here is the link if you have not seen it.

We need to respond to Wal-Mart and let them know that we are as resolute as ever, “NO BEL AIR WALMART!”

Please do not hesitate. Send an e-mail to the below Walmart addressees and let them no how you feel.
Write one sentence, a paragraph or a letter….But e-mail them something!

Here is who we will be contacting:

Doug McMillon – President & CEO
Greg Foran – President & CEO, Walmart USA
Pam Kohn – Exec VP Walmart Realty
Nina Albert- Director of Public Affairs
Bill Wertz – Public Relations

Copy and Paste these addressees into your e-mail:
Doug.McMillon; Greg.Foran; Pam.Kohn; Nina.Albert; William.Wertz

Here are some writing points that you can incorporate into your e-mail if you choose. Remember one sentence is better than nothing.

Bullets for writing to Wal-Mart

  • Location is not suited for big box store
  • Additional traffic will add to congestion and unsafe roads
  • Safety of pedestrians and drivers
  • Safety of school children from nearby schools
  • Already have 3 stores within 10 miles or less
  • Road improvements are not feasible
  • Store will adversely affect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community
  • Sam Walton’s policy was “We will never build where we are not wanted.”

Send us an e-mail letting us know if you wrote to Wal-Mart so we can track our impact.

Still in the fight,

Bel Air South Community Foundation

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 530 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 9 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Harford County Calls for Action on Clean Energy

Young people sign a letter to Maryland legislators demanding clean energy.

A small but dedicated group of people gathered in solidarity with the People’s Climate March in downtown Bel Air near the Courthouse and rallied support among people of Harford County for sustainable energy and policies that promote clean energy and reduced carbon footprint.  Carrying signs and shouting “Climate Justice Now!”  and   “Clean Green Energy for All!” the group marched down Main Street, to Pennsylvania Avenue and into Shamrock Park where they paused near a shady tree and collected signatures from passersby.

Many people thanked the group for coming out and giving them a chance to show their support for clean energy.   The letter, addressed to Maryland legislators read:

Scientists warn us that climate change could accelerate beyond our control, threatening our survival and everything we love. We call on you to keep global temperature rise under the unacceptably dangerous level of 2 degrees C, by phasing out carbon pollution to zero. To achieve this, you must urgently forge realistic global, national and local agreements, to rapidly shift our societies and economies to 100% clean energy by 2050.

We stand united for clean energy and social and environmental justice for all.

Some of the comments people made while signing:

“I am a grandmother and I want to see that we leave a livable world for our grandchildren.” (NASA’s site on Climate Change)

“I can’t afford a Prius.  What can the government do to make clean energy affordable for someone like me?”  (More on government policy and electric and hybrid vehicles.)

“Other communities have already faced the disasters resulting from climate change.   We have to do something about it.”   (More on climate refugees.)

“We can reduce our carbon footprint by changing our diet.”  (More on the carbon footprint of food.)

“We need a revenue-neutral carbon tax.”  (More on revenue-neutral carbon tax.)

“Our minister is riding a bicycle from New York to Washington DC.”  (More on the People’s Climate Bike Ride.)

“Mom!  This is the march I was going to in New York!”  (More on the New York People’s Climate March and 2808 Solidarity events in 166 countries)

It was an uplifting day standing up and speaking out in support of sustainable development and climate justice and finding so much support in Harford County to take action to make clean energy a reality.

NEXT STEP:  Deliver the petition in person.  Congressperson Any Harris has an office in Bel Air.  If you would like to be there when we go to speak to him, please leave a comment and I will write back to you.

Here are some scenes from the Courthouse on Main Street and Shamrock Park:

The Harford County People’s Climate March brought together ordinary people to raise a collective voice in favor of sensible policies for a better world.  Some of the people who took part came from local organizations including Dine Kind and the Sierra Club Maryland chapter.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Maragaret Mead



Harford County People’s Climate March

Tell World Leaders to take Action to reduce carbon emissions and move to clean energy.

9/21/2014 12:00 pm

Harford County People’s Climate March
45 South Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014, USA
Bel Air, MD

Harford County Marches in downtown Bel Air in Solidarity with the People’s Climate March. Bring signs and practical ideas for reducing our ecological footprint. Attend Bel Air Festival of the Arts in Shamrock Park afterwards. On Sunday, September 21st, just days before a landmark climate summit at the UN, Avaaz members around the world are taking part in a People’s Climate March. World leaders don’t believe enough of us care about climate change, that’s why they’re still not yet rising to the challenge of saving our planet. But on September 21, we have an unprecedented chance to prove them wrong, with the largest climate mobilisation in history.

Directions Meet at the fountain in front of the Courthouse in downtown Bel Air. Some of us are going early to mobilize at the Arts Festival.

See you there!

Tell World Leaders to take Action to reduce carbon emissions and move to clean energy.

Tell World Leaders to take Action to reduce carbon emissions and move to clean energy.

Much Ado

Yes, even we had a little Shakespeare Camp here in Bel Air.  Just a bunch of kids having fun with a few pages from Shakespeare and the wonderful amphitheater in Shamrock Park.

Here you go … an excerpt from a scene from Much Ado about Nothing and another from King Lear:

Matthew Dicks: Imaginer

At our book club meeting in the library yesterday, we had the pleasure of hearing from the author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, our novel for this month.  We got to ask the author questions and many also shared personal experiences people about themselves, their children & imaginary friends.

Some interesting moments –

Describing his writing process, Matthew said, for example, that he himself did not know for sure what the epilogue meant. Shall write the next two sentences in white, highlight if you wish to read. In one interpretation, Budo has died and meets Dee, who has also died, in some kind of afterlife or heaven. In another interpretation, Dee had not died and Budo has become the imaginary friend of Dee. Read more…


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