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Candlelight Vigil for peace, Bel Air

12 October 2006

Candlelight Vigil for peace, Bel Air, Friday October 13 7 p.m.

12th October 2006

Note: you can reach Bel-Air from exit 77 B on Interstate 95. If you’re coming from the north towards Baltimore or Washington for any reason this weekend (For example — the Green Festival) please do consider stopping at supporting this vigil.
Last month, when we attended a candlelight vigil for peace in front of the courthouse on Main Street in Bel Air, Maryland. I wanted to tell the whole world about our small yet determined group of 80 people from Harford County, where most of the land is agricultural and the number one employer is the Aberdeen Proving Ground, a military base. I wanted to write about how I was preparing to attend this vigil just a few minutes walk away from my parents home, and remembering all the chants we shouted on the streets of Washington way back in 1991, and what another woman in Bel-Air told me, which was simply that she had been marching and chanting for peace since way before I was born.

At the vigil the organizers announced that the next vigil would take place when the U. S. military death toll rose by another hundred. With mounting criticism and bolder actions against the war. I honestly did not expect the next vigil to come so soon. In fact, yesterday as I spoke to our mailman, who is one of the organizers of the group just for peace,he told me that in fact, the 2700 mark was already past. But they were only able to organize the vigil for this week, and in fact, the US death toll was already climbing towards the 2800 mark.

Much as I wish we did not have to do this, I am proud that we are speaking out and standing up for peace in Bel Air Maryland, and not feeling that unless we can travel to the actions in Washington, DC, our voices won’t count. In fact, I’m not sure there are any marches this weekend in Washington, so I urge folks within an hour or so, to consider coming to Bel Air. And joining hands with our vigil. Unlike in Washington, where it’s easy to be lost in a crowd of thousands marching for peace, here in Bel Air. We will line the street, almost single file, or just two or three people deep, and we will actually face questions from the public, who wonders if we are taking the right path. Last month, I overheard many interesting discussions, though I myself did not feel prepared to jump in. But I’ve thought a lot about the best way to respond to these kinds of questions, or in some cases, accusations, and I think this Friday, i might actually be prepared.

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