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24 June 2012

Under cover of darkness I went to Weis with a large opaque shopping bag and made my purchase. My plan was simple: bring the goods out of the store in the bag and out of sight, march them up the stairs and into the pantry, and bring them out at well-spaced intervals, one box at a time. No questions would be asked, no one would notice that I bought 4 boxes at once.

Little did I imagine I’d be apprehended at the counter.  The cashier remarked, “You must really like these!”


“Oh … yeah.” I said nonchalantly.

Still taken aback, he observed “You got 4 boxes!”

Good counting! My defense was ready: “You have to buy 4 to get the sale price.” Fortunately pricing was all handled by the computer so there was no way his ignorance of this rule could have enabled me to slip by with fewer boxes at the sale price. Leave aside that at $2 for 14 ounces, which is still too much to be paying for oats plus preservatives, I’d have been likely to get 4 boxes anyway. These things don’t go on sale much.

“Do you like Cheerios?” I asked.

“I do not get the opportunity to eat breakfast,” he said, half-sheepishly. “I have classes in the morning.” He is, as it turns out, in college, getting a degree in Business Administration. “Going to take over the store one day?” The question is merely small-talk and not a “real” question.

“No. Grocery business is too fast-paced. Too much stuff going on all the time, prices keep changing …”

You know what tastes great … Cheerios with sunflower seeds.  Interestingly sunflower seeds can be had for about the same price as Cheerios on sale.   Got them for $2 / lb at Trader Joe’s last week, $2.39 / lb for organic sunflower seeds at David’s the week before, and sometime before that I remember they were $2 for 12 ounces at Klein’s.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I did get the bright yellow boxes up the stairs and into the pantry without being noticed.


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