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25 June 2012

Khiyali and Aravinda ride along Idlewild Street

Over the weekend I visited Goodwill twice. On Saturday I bought a bicycle and on Sunday I bought a helmet. Total spent was $25 for the bicycle, $3 for the helmet and $1.48 for tax. Now I need to search our fair state for bicycle paths. For now, K and I have been riding to the middle school and making rounds of the parking lot.

Today at 9:30 I realized that I had an overdue book. Oh, no, how did this happen? A few minutes later I remembered that if I returned it before they opened, it would count as if I had returned it on Saturday rather than Monday. What’s more, on the bike, I could easily get there in time, even without running or postponing my bath. I left home at 9:45, returned the book by 9:55, went to Klein’s and bought some milk, and got back home by 10:15. Wow!

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