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28 June 2012

My bicycle needed a brake on the back wheel – I did not notice this before leaving the shop. Undaunted, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and found brake pads for $5. We could not install them properly – they kept closing in below the rim and got caught a couple of times in the wheel. The instructions said to have them installed at a bicycle shop. So I went to Bicycle Connection but they were going to charge $10 for brakes, $20 for installing them. And furthermore they said that my wheel was crooked – to straighten it out would be $24 – a new wheel would cost $40. These numbers were making my head spin so I said I would think about it and walked out of there with the bicycle and put it back into the trunk. It was 100 degrees outside. From there we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods again and I bought another pair of brake pads (since the old set had gotten mangled in the wheel) and asked them to install it. I had asked on the phone earlier if they could do this – the sales person mumbled something but it ended in the affirmative so I took it as a yes.

In the store, everyone was cheerful and professional. The greeter got me to the right person and I happily handed over my bicycle as well as a new set of brake pads to be installed once their bicycle person arrived at 5 pm. An hour later I got a call at home saying my bike was ready and I was soon pedalling home on my bicycle, equipped at last with brakes – I should have checked for these in the store itself, but all’s well that ends well.

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