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Once in a Blue Moon

31 August 2012

Tonight, on the blue moon night of August 31, before September came and brought the end of summer ever so nearer, we sprawled on the grass at Shamrock Park and saw BOOM Theatre perform Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

I only just happened to find out it was happening. I went to the library to collect the books they so patiently held for me all the days I was away in New England. On the way out of the library for no reason in particular I sauntered past the notice board and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a notice for As You Like it and the words Bel Air clearly visible, lest I doubt anything like that could be happening anywhere around here. Still more wide did my eyes grow when I saw the date, August 30, 31 and Sept 1. In the very back yard of the library.

I raced home and alerted the family.

“Who is performing?”
“What is the name of the play?”
“Have you read it?”
“How long is it?”

Unbelievable! Someone is performing a play in Bel Air, hardly a hop skip and a jump away, and you want more details? Even if it was some rag-tag troupe performing an unknown play of unknown length I would go there to see it – maybe even more so! Just to encourage someone to use the amazing facility we are blessed to have in Shamrock Park, the amphitheatre, I would attend. Reminds me of the days when I worked at the Boston Conservatory of Music, and attended so many recitals of violin, piano, flute and vocal artists. It was a feast … and I was appreciated just for showing up. I remember once explaining, in all sincerity that I could not attend a certain show because I saw that there was no one attending a flute recital taking place at the same time so I wanted to be there to support the flute student.  The students who were performing were glad to hear that.

Somewhat more than 50 people – maybe 75, attended the performance of the play in the park. The director, also serving as compere, was in top form and the cast clearly enjoyed their work. Acoustics aren’t the best at the park, and the gardeners were at work with weed whackers and other equipment across the street at St. Margaret’s church. Since we sat front and center we could hear most of it. In spite of the 16th century English Khiyali seemed to enjoy the play. She spoke with the director afterwards as well. It was a memorable evening.

Shakespeare at Shamrock Park. Once in a Blue Moon.


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