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Family Fun Day: Rise Above It

22 September 2012

Who would miss an opportunity to support a worthy cause while having fun on a picture-perfect September afternoon. After a quick trip to the farmer’s market, where I got more apples and rhubarb from Sweet Aire as well as salad greens from Flying Plow (wow!),  we ate lunch and then headed over to the Equestrian Center for Family Fun Day. The event benefitted SARC, an organization that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  A friend of mine got help from them a couple of years ago, and I am so grateful that they were there for her in time of need.  And also proud that they have raised awareness on an issue that is too often silenced.

Amidst moon bounce rooms, streaming bubbles, swirling hula hoops, and jump rope shows we just enjoyed walking around surrounded by other people walking around on the grassy ground. This rarely happens … in India there are plenty of people walking around, but rarely on grassy ground, for which first dibs would go to the cows, goats, etc … and most of the grass would always already be gone. But I digress.  Clear sky, wide open ground, gentle autumn sun, light breeze, laughter and merriment … what more could one ask?   Harford County Library was there with their bookmobile, all plugged in and wired up to circulate books.

As we roamed around, someone approached me and said, “Weren’t you on Channel 21?” I had no idea that I was on the Harford Cable Network, better known as  channel 21 but I guessed they must have covered the County Council Meeting.  (My comment starts around 1:24:15 in the video).  So we chatted a bit on the proposed entry of Walmart and I suggested that she look up Bel Air South Community to get the latest updates. Maybe I should carry some cards or pamphlets. Or bumper stickers.

As afternoon turned to evening, the skies changed – dark clouds approached. So the eagerly anticipated balloon race, highlighted in all the publicity material for the “Rise Above it Event,” had to be called off.  Such was the spirit of support for the mission of SARC to help women rise above domestic violence, that no one felt shortchanged. Fun was had. We also got a chance to pet some ponies and goats, reaffirming our rural roots in Harford County.

Family Fun Day at Equestrian Center, Bel Air
22 Sept 2012 Photo by Jonathan Bennett


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