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Mobilize to stop Wal-mart from moving to Bel Air

23 September 2012

Mark your calendar:

  • Sept 24 Abingdon community council meeting in Abingdon Public Library
  • Sept 25 7:30 pm Harford County Council Meeting 212 S Bond Street
  • Oct 17 9:00 am County Development Advisory Committee Meeting in Bel Air, 212 S Bond Street, Bel Air

If you live in Harford County, particularly in Bel Air or Abingdon, you may have received a glossy little postcard from Walmart seeking your support for the new “superstore.” Why would the biggest corporation on the planet need your support, you may ask. Well obviously it did not become rich without the money of all its customers. Moreover, last I checked we live in a democracy, and no business can open shop without following the laws of the land. A move like this requires the consent of the people.

The County has not yet approved the corporations’s proposal. I appeal to every person in Harford County to think about this and communicate your views to the County officials. It is not too late. Please consider the actual cost to the county and to you, of having a Walmart – that too a “super Walmart” in Bel Air – and a big empty building left in Abingdon (Square footage of abandoned Walmarts: 25 million and counting- cited in Store Wars, 2000). Please also come to the meeting of the Abingdon Community Council at the Abingdon Library on September 25, 2012, 630PM. The September guest is County Executive Craig.

Harford County Development Advisory Committee Schedules Oct. 17 Meeting on Proposed Bel Air Wal-Mart Super center
The Dagger reports that

Wal-Mart is moving ahead with plans to open a new Supercenter in Bel Air, taking another step in the development process last Friday by submitting a proposed site plan and a traffic impact analysis to the Harford County Department of Planning and Zoning. The move is another in a series of steps required prior to county approval of the project.

and has published the proposed site plan for the store.

We must raise awareness and prepare to raise legal, technical and democratic opposition to the proposal to open a Walmart “Superstore” in Bel Air.

Note that the date posted on the Bel Air South Community Foundation site is not correct.  Helen just told me that the meeting is on the 24th (Monday) and not the 25th as the site states.  I quote, with correction:

September 25, 24 2012, 630PM- Abingdon Community Council will meet at the Abingdon Library. Their September guest is County Executive Craig.  UPDATE: Mr. Craig is unable to make it due to the unfortunate demise of School Board President Wheeler.  [correction added based on information from Helen Mann.


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