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I am NOT in favour of a new Wal-mart Supercenter in Harford County

25 September 2012

If you received a business reply postcard from Walmart asking you to show your support for their plans to open a new “Superstore” in Bel Air, you may want to do what someone in my family did.

She blocked out the big bold YES and changed it to a NO.

She changed I am in favor to I am NOT in favor

She crossed out the suggestions to “Write a Letter in Support” of the company.

She wrote other things in the blank area which I prefer not to repeat on this blog. This is a family friendly blog 🙂

She is going to send the card back to Walmart.

Feel free to communicate your views to Walmart but what is more important and most urgent is that you communicate your views to Harford County officials as well as to Maryland State officials. It will be the responsibility of our State Highways Administration to deal with the intersections on Route 924 which is a state highway, and which will face the increased burden if the 24 hour, 7 day / week, “super store” comes to Bel Air.  Please do attend the upcoming meetings and ask questions and voice your views.


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