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Ready to Eat

27 September 2012

In Union Station with 1 hour between trains I had my chance to revisit Prêt à Manger, where I have only ever eaten in England and that too only in Terminal 4. I cannot forget the first time I came across Prêt à Manger in Terminal 4. To find, even in an airport, actual recognizable food I could enjoy – what a sense of relief I felt. Even if I had to rush, whenever connecting through Heathrow I would buy a soup and carry it onboard. I haven’t been there in a few years though … Somehow Prêt in Terminal 5 just has never had quite the same appeal – the first time I went there was not even the same vegetarian selection. But I never gave up hope and looked forward to my next long layover sometime to work up the appetite to try again.

Determined to be unfazed by its sudden appearance on these shores, I darted to the shop on the far end of Union Station, away from the terminals and diagonally across from Barnes and Noble. Looking at the soup menu I saw to my relief that the Miso Soup was labelled vegan. I came close to having Miso soup in the Prêt in England only to stop when I found that it contained fish. The other vegetarian option in soup was lentil and I was not about to spend my fun money on lentils. Miso soup eminently fit the bill for what I would eat out. What I will not eat out: something I could as well make at home. K, having no such filter, allowed her eyes to come to rest on the “Strawberry Parfait” which was yogurt and fruit pieces, topped with a thin layer of granola – or some kind of toasted oat / nut that passed for it. This little arrangement fit into a small cup. (Though I write this now, at the time I paid no mind. This was a departure, a spree. We weren’t going to measure and evaluate. It was a time to eat and enjoy.) Soon K showed me with delight that she had finished the whole thing. As far as she knew, this was the only concern when purchasing food outside, and she was equal to it. She added brightly, “we could make this!” Win-win.

The Miso soup was just right … warm on this September morning, comforting as soup should be, and containing some kind of seaweed and other infrequently consumed ingredients, as anything eaten out by me should be.

Coda: My satisfaction is short-lived – it seems this establishment is now partly owned by McDonalds. Perhaps that accounts for its decline …

Update:  It was partly owned by the Big Bad Chain from 2001 – 2008.  See notice on Prêt site.


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  1. MCDONALD’S???!!! SERIOUSLY??!!!!

  2. Aravinda permalink

    Thanks for asking … I checked up on this and found that they are no longer owned by McDonalds. See

  3. Well, next long layover is in a month, so…

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