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Message from Baltimore

30 September 2012

Friends in Baltimore are working on a similar issue related to a proposed Walmart as part of a 25th Street shopping complex. Bill Harvey, after reading about the current events in Harford County, has sent us this note, referring to an article he wrote in the Baltimore Chronicle, 8 November 2010, regarding the impact a Walmart would have in the neighborhood and in the country.

From: Bill Harvey

Date: Sun, Sep 30, 2012

Dear Harford County Friends,

I’m not a Harford person so I won’t be there for these campaigns.

Here’s my contribution to our recent go-round with Walmart here in Baltimore city:
7 Good Reasons to Vote NO on the 25th Street Station Lowe’s/Walmart Project
I made the jobs issue the "bottom line" (if you will) in my presentation: it is simply impossible to build a life around a WM job so it’s an unworkable "development" strategy for the city. The situation is no doubt a bit different in Bel Air so you’ll probably be emphasizing more some of the zillion other reasons to oppose their coming to town.

Thanks for keeping me posted on what’s going on up your way and please continue keep me in the loop.



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