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County Council Resolution

4 October 2012

Well done, Harford County Council.  Passing this resolution is only a start.  A most welcome step in the right direction, the move protects not only the interests of the residential community in the immediate neighbourhood of the proposed Walmart store, but as part of the larger effort to deny Walmart permission to open a new store in Bel Air, it also supports responsible business practice.  As County Executive David Craig stated:  ““I feel that it would in the long run be better for the county if Walmart were to re-invest in their Constant Friendship location. All too often, we are quick to abandon older facilities and communities in favor of new locations without looking at ways to revitalize what we already have. Now that the state has put the finishing touches on the new interchange at 24 and 924, the traffic situation in that area has improved greatly, and the current location is much better equipped to handle the volume of traffic that a store such as Walmart generates.”

This is not a time to be redrawing Main Street and Rt 924 to make room for Walmart just because it got tired of one location and wants to throw it away like an old toy, just because it can by a new one.  This is the time to support our existing businesses and our amazing downtown community.   Keep good jobs in Harford County and Keep the character of the county strong for our children.  Join your fellow citizens in this vital community action.

I hope readers will write to their County Council, to Maryland State Highway Administration, and also attend the meeting on October 17.   You may also want to see The High Cost of Low Price:

[I sent above comment as a Letter to Editor of the Dagger:

and Baltimore Sun:]



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