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Signs, Signatures and the DAC!

4 October 2012

The Development Advisory Committee meeting is around the corner. Time to write letters, sign petitions, put signs up in the yard, and stickers on your car. Talk to your friends and neighbors.
If there is one thing you can do, PLEASE write to the Harford County Council! Start with the County Executive:

County Executive

David Craig
County Executive- Harford County Government

Phone: 410.638.3350
220 South Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

The rest of the Council Members Addresses are here: Keep Walmart out of Bel Air

Here is an update from Bel Air South Community on the recent action and the struggle ahead.

From: Bel Air South Community <communityinfo>
Bel Air South Residents,

Below is an update on our progress and the rail that lies ahead.

Photo Shoot
Great participation at the Constant Friendship Wal-Mart photo shoot Tuesday evening. Approximately 120 people attended in the dreary weather to show their opposition to the Bel Air Wal-Mart. See attached photo and link to Sun article.,0,365534.story

People protest Walmart’s proposal to move to Bel Air, abandoning the existing Abingdon location.

After the photo shoot, 100 signs were distributed to volunteers who will be responsible for placing the signs in 10 sectors from the intersection of 24 and 924 to just shy of downtown Bel Air. Another 150 signs will be ready for pickup today from  ALLSIGNS on North Tollgate Rd who also made a contribution to our cause.

The following people volunteered to plant signs: Laura Pohlenz, Melissa Laurentius, Lois Fabriano, Neila Gerald, Mike Kraus, Lauren Rose, Marcy Loane, Jenny Cantrell, Harry Kramer, Ted Janes, Debbie Jaeger, Steve Tobia, Helen Mann and Debbie Adams. Walmart Protest Pic taken by Joan Hamilton.

Signs started appearing in our community on Wed and will continue to populate through out the week.

County Council Meeting
Following the meeting a number of folks made their way to a nearly full County Council Chamber. Hats off to Councilman Jim McMahon who received a standing ovation for his home made video documenting rush hour traffic at 924 and South Bel Air Parkway. The narrated documentary along with the assistance of Councilman Joe Woods secured a 5-2 vote in support of a resolution to prevent a traffic light from being erected at the intersection of 924 and Bright Oaks due to traffic safety issues. The resolution has been sent to the State Highway Administration for approval. If approved, the resolution will prevent access to the proposed Plumtree site via the 924/Bright Oaks intersection.

The Council also presented 1200 signatures submitted by Wal-Mart in favor of a Plumtree super center. We currently have over 1300 signatures in opposition however a significant number signatures do not have an accompanying address which is a requirement. Intensifying our signature collection over the next two weeks is necessary. If anyone would like to volunteer to canvas their neighborhood or would like to man a table at a busy store front please contact us at this e-mail address.


A thanks goes out to the following individuals and organizations for funding our NO BEL AIR WALMART signs:
Maureen Cohen, the Glenwood Community and the Overview Manor Home Owner’s Association.

Action Items

1) Continue to purchase and deploy NO BEL AIR WALMART signs.
2) Petitions – Need more volunteers to collect signatures.

3) Letter writing Campaign – Corrected Wal-Mart Exec addresses and sample letters to be sent in next e-mail update along with the address of County officials.

4) Know the opposition – The High Cost of Low Prices

5) SHOW TIME – Develpment Advisory Committee meeting (DAC), October 17 at 9:00 AM in the County Council Chambers at 212 S. Bond Street. Make room on your calendar. We need overwhelming participation inside and outside the building.

Board the Train,

Bel Air South Community Foundation
Website: or .org
E-mail: communityinfo



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  1. Let’s plaster the building site with signs!!!

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