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8 October 2012

This morning at a friend’s house I happened to pick up Blink (Back Bay Books, 2005) and read these lines regarding an upscale restaurant where author Malcom Gladwell met two expert food-tasters for lunch:

(At Le Madri, rare is the dish that is not “finished” in some way or adorned with some kind of “reduction.”)
(pg 177, parentheses in original)

Then after breakfast of oatmeal, I happened to nibble on a couple of pumpkin seeds that happened to be on the table. In the aftertaste of the oatmeal, the pumpkin seeds were … more nutty? Maybe the oatmeal drew out the oil in the nuts? Not sure I can explain (part of Gladwell’s point in this chapter) but it was especially delicious and I thought, “oatmeal, finished with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.”


Pumpkin Seeds. Photo: Josh Gitalis

Only a handful … more than a few would overpower the delicate aftertaste of the oatmeal and no longer “finish” the dish. Imagine the pumpkin seeds as a fashionable garnish on a well appointed-dining table, not as part of a trail-mix scooped out of a bag on-the-trek.


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