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Stand up, write letters

9 October 2012

Yesterday there was a closed door meeting between County officials and Walmart. Here is a message from the Bel Air South Foundation about this. Though it seems to indicate that Walmart will probably get its way, it also appeals to the community to come out and stand up with signs, and also write letters to the State Highway Administration as well as the Department of Planning and Zoning. Scroll down for their addresses.

  • Please write to the county and state TODAY so they can get the letters this week.
  • Today at 5pm: Come stand with signs at the corner of Plumtree / Emmorton Road.
  • Tuesday, Oct 17 at 9 am: THE COUNTY COUNCIL MEETING!  Be there.

Please stand up to protect Bel Air, the heart of Harford County from the entry of Walmart.

See also:  10 reasons to oppose Wal-mart move to Plumtree Road


The Closed Meeting.
A number of Wal-Mart folks were present along with County Exec Chief of Staff, Planing and Zoning and Abingdon Community Council in the County Executives conference room.
Word is that the meeting was very productive and beneficial for all who attended with a very open dialogue. Walmart presented their reasons for wanting to move, why the current CF site will not work for their expansion and why they have chosen the proposed site. The ACC presented community concerns about the proposed site, the impact to the community and possible ways to minimize the impact and help the community in other ways should they get approval and move forward. Both groups will be reviewing information from this meeting. This is a starting point and there will be future meetings throughout the process that may include other participants. The ACC will be sending out a recap of the meeting and a copy of the document that was presented as soon as possible.

The Rally.
Nine folks showed up on very short notice. We lined the road with 40 NO WALMART SIGNS which looked pretty impressive. Lots of folks honking and giving a thumbs up as they drove by. It was encouraging knowing there are so many opposed to the Wal-Mart location. Great exposure.


Road Side Rally.
We are having another roadside rally today, Tuesday, between 5:00 and 7:00 PM. This time on 924 across from the Plumtree site. Plan on participating! If you can’t be there at 5:00, arrive as soon as you can. A dozen folks with signs will grab the public’s attention. 50 folks tells the community there is a formidable opposition in place. We need formidable numbers so the community will catch the fever and show up at the DAC meeting on 10/17. If you are serious about taking a stand, the time is NOW!

If you have petitions to turn in, the rally will be a great place to do it.
Blank petitions will be available for those who can collect signatures.

County Council Meeting.
County Council Meeting for those interested. Tuesday, 7:30 PM 212 S. Bond St.

Walmart Signs.
If you volunteered to put out signs in your assigned sector, please make sure you do so ASAP! This is our most visible means of getting the public engaged. Once you have completed placing the signs, notify us at this e-mail address.

If your HOA would like to make a donation to purchase signs, let us know how much it would like to donate. We will order the appropriate number of signs. There are two ways we have found that works well. Either your HOA can write a check to ALLSIGNS Products Inc. or you can pay for the signs and your HOA can reimburse. If it prevents Wal-Mart from breaking ground, it may very well be one of the best investments your HOA could make in preserving your property value.

Letter Writing: Continue to send letters to the State Highway Admin supporting the council’s resolution to prevent a traffic light at Bright Oaks and 924 because of traffic safety issues. Points to address: 10,000 more cars per day. Gridlock due to the close proximity of existing traffic signals. School zone. Firehouse and impeded response time. Be passionate but state the facts. Time is of the essence. Please send today.

Mr. Richard Zeller, Mailstop C-302
State Highway Administration
Office of Highway Development
Engineering Access Permits
707 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


IMPORTANT: A number of folks have written to Pete Gutwald telling him why this project is not a good idea or a good fit for our community. It should be sent to his office now so it can be included as an official part of the DAC. If you have written a letter already, write another, or send a copy. Encourage your friends and neighbors in the Bel Air South Area to do the same. Please include in your letter the following sentence:

“Please include this letter as part of the record for the DAC meeting and as part of the record for any appeal process related to this project”.

Please cc: The Bel Air South Community Foundation in your letter. Mr. Gutwald’s address is:

C. Pete Gutwald, Director
Harford County Department of Planning and Zoning
220 South Main Street, 2nd Floor,
Bel Air, MD 21014

The address for the Bel Air South Community Association is:
PO Box 158
Abingdon, MD 21009
Attn: Jeff Dinger

Thanks for all of your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Bel Air South Community Foundation
Website: or .org
E-mail: communityinfo


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