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6 April 2013

Weather warmed up enough for about 50 people to stand outside the Wal-mart in Abingdon calling upon the good people of Harford County to keep the store and stop Walmart from opening another store, just 3 miles away in Bel Air.

Standing next to me was a dedicated young woman named Kathy and since it was not the kind of protest where you get to talk to people or give them flyers or really do anything more than hold your sign and wave at the cars going by, feeling glad when one of them honks at you, we both got to talking.  Turns out she was an actress once upon a time and a fan of foreign films.  She had seen a number of Bollywood productions and asked me to suggest more.  So, never to shirk from duty to the community, here comes the list.  I will add more titles as they come to mind and also write some annotations.

Movies from India that should be available with subtitles and accessible to people who aren’t from India.


Ashta Chamma


Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Mr & Mrs Iyer




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