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You never know why you get fired

8 April 2013

A friend of a friend told me that he had seen us on the sidewalk in front of Wal-mart in Abingdon.  He works there.  He wanted to come and find out what we were protesting about. “They don’t tell us anything,” he said.  Many inside Wal-mart were unaware of what the protesters wanted Wal-mart to do or not do.

So he had wanted to come and ask us but did not.  Why not?

Well, I did not want to get in trouble, he said.  I don’t want to get fired.

I told him that people wanted Wal-mart to keep the store there, while Wal-mart wanted to leave it and open a new one in Bel Air.  “Oh, I see.  I didn’t know that,” he replied.  I also assured him that Wal-mart could not fire him just for talking to us.  Especially right now when they were trying to open a new store and present themselves as bringing employment to the area,  they could not afford bad publicity.  He was not convinced.  He said, “You never know why you get fired.  One day someone working in the pharmacy was fired, no one knew why.  Security comes and escorts you out and that’s it.”


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