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Support BILL 13-16 Zoning Structure Regulations

14 April 2013

Take a stand against the proposed Plumtree Wal-Mart!
Come to County Council Meeting on Tuesday. Call or write to the County Council at 410.638.3343 TODAY.
Link to Bill 13-16 then click on 13-16 Zoning Structure Regulation

Message from Bel Air South Community :

BILL 13-16, Tuesday, April 16th, 7:00 PM, 212 S. Bond St, Bel Air (Black Box)

Bill 13-16 will place more stringent regulations on the development of stores exceeding 75,000 sq. ft. Its design is not to limit large business but to enable the county to exert more control in insuring that large projects will not compromise community safety and welfare.

This is the plan:

1) We need your support! Without it…..Say hello to the second largest retail store in Harford county and good bye to the small town feel of Bel Air South.

2) Hearing starts at 7:00 PM but we will lead with a NO WAL-MART RALLY at 6:00 PM.
Wal-Mart representatives will be there and everywhere that Wal-Mart is, we need to be there showing opposition!

3) We will take our seats in the county chambers at 6:30 PM. Earlier if it is apparent that Wal-Mart has sent their cavalry.

4) If you plan to speak, sign up in the lobby by 6:50 PM. At 7:00 PM they pickup the sign-up sheets. Your speech should address Bill 13-16. It is doubtful that the council will take fondly to us focusing on how we don’t want a Bel Air Wal-Mart, so be ginger in how you weave Wal-Mart into your speech. Thank the council for their effort towards passing this legislation.

If the Bill is passed, it will be sent to the County Executive for approval. If he approves, it will become law in 60 days. An unexpected outgrowth of this legislation is that if it becomes law prior to Wal-Mart getting final project approval, they will have to comply with the new regulations. Wal-Mart is angered by this legislation and will try to derail it as at a minimum it will cause delays in moving forward with their plan.

In viewing the Harford County website it was noticed that there is an amendment to Bill 13-16 but there is no information provided as to its nature. This is disconcerting in that Bill seems pretty straight forward.

At this point what it entails is anyone’s guess. Brain storming has generated questions and wild speculation.

1) Will it minimize the more stringent regulations proposed in the Bill? Hopefully the Bill as proposed will not be watered down.

2) If a more stringent traffic study is required, will Wal-Mart be exempt because it has already submitted a study?

3) Will it affect whether Wal-Mart will be required to comply with the Bill even if signed into law before they get final approval? Unlikely. The news media indicated that the law would apply to all projects that have not received final approval. In addition, if the primary purpose of the bill is to more closely scrutinize the impact stores 75,000 sq. ft. or larger could have on the safety and welfare of citizens, it would be highly irrational that an amendment would exempt a Bel Air store that would be more than two and a half times that size particularly with it being in a high traffic area. That would undercut the reason for the legislation and compromise citizen safety.

We will try to obtain more information regarding this amendment and keep you posted.

Attached is a Bill 13-16 flyer. Print it, copy it and get it out to your neighborhoods.

To gain success, each must engage. See you at the hearing!

Bel Air South Community Foundation

Link to Bill 13-16 then click on 13-16 Zoning Structure Regulation

Or go to on left margin under Department Listing click on scroll down then click on County Council, on left margin click on Current Bills and Resolutions, then click on 13-16 Zoning Structure Resolution.

Bill 13-16 Zoning Structure Regulations As Introduced with Permitted Use Chart.pdf


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