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Harford County Council Contact Information

15 April 2013

If you live in Harford County, you  can find your Council Member here

Here’s the list of names, phone numbers and email ids in one page:

“Billy” Boniface, Council President
410-638-3525 Council Office
E-mail Council President Email Council President Boniface at

Dion F. Guthrie, District A
410-638-3521 Council Office
E-mail Dion Guthrie Email Council Member Guthrie at

Joseph M. Woods, District B
410-638-3520 Council Office
E-mail Email Council Member Woods at

James “Capt’n Jim” McMahan, District C
410-638-3523 Council Office
E-mail James Email Council Member McMahan  at

Richard C. Slutzky, District E
410-638-3522 Council Office
E-mail Richard Slutzky Email Council Member Slutzky at

Chad R. Shrodes, District D
410-638-3524 Council Office
E-mail Chad Shrodes Email Council Member Shrodes at

Mary Ann Lisanti, District F
410-638-3526 Council Office

E-mail Mary Ann Lisanti Email Council Member Lisanti at

‘Billy’ Boniface
Council President 
Dion F. Guthrie
District A 
Joseph M. Woods
District B 
James ‘Capt’n Jim’ McMahan
District C 
Chad Shrodes
District D 
Richard C. Slutzky
District E 
Mary Ann Lisanti
District F 

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