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BILL 13-16 Hearing on April 16

16 April 2013

Message from Bel Air South Community Foundation


Tell your friends; facebook; circulate attached flyer! Some neighborhoods have already distributed it. Copies can be made at Postal Solutions for 7 cents.
We need 200+ at the county council chambers tomorrow to support:

BILL 13-16, Tuesday, April 16th, 7:00 PM, 212 S. Bond St, Bel Air (Black Box)

Bill 13-16 will place more stringent regulations on the development of stores exceeding 75,000 sq. ft. Its design is not to limit large business but to enable the county to exert more control in insuring that large projects will not compromise community welfare and safety.

Let’s not let this opportunity to show community oppostion slip by us.

No news about the Amendment to Bill 13-16. It is agenda item for the council meeting that follows the hearing.

Sheer speculation but if this amendment exempts Wal-Mart from any part of Bill 13-16, it would be the height of hypocrisy that legislation designed to protect the welfare and safety of the citizens would be undercut to accommodate a 189,000 sq. ft. store. A store that will bring 10,000 additional cars a day, necessitate road widening and additional traffic signals. A store that will impede the movement and safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. A store that will negatively impact the 20 subdivisions that empty on to RT 924 as well as school traffic and fire house response time. It is difficult to imagine a more ill-suited location for a megastore that will cause significant traffic congestion and safety issues.

It is also bewildering, that Wal-Mart, knowing the extent of community opposition and the imposition and burden they will place on the citizens of this community would be so insolent and self-serving as to disregard our concerns, particularly when they have the viable option of expanding their Constant Friendship store. It speaks volumes about the type of company we are dealing with.

This is the plan:
1) We need your support! Without it…..Say hello to the second largest retail store in Harford county and good bye to the small town feel of Bel Air South.

2) Hearing starts at 7:00 PM but we will lead with a NO WAL-MART RALLY at 6:00 PM.
Wal-Mart representatives will be there and everywhere that Wal-Mart is, we need to be there showing opposition!

3) We will take our seats in the county chambers at 6:30 PM or when the security folks will let us in. We believe Wal-Mart will bring support because they are rattled by this legislation so we need to in the chambers before them.

4) If you plan to speak, sign up in the lobby by 6:50 PM. At 7:00 PM they pick up the sign-up sheets.

Stand Strong. Support Bill 13-16.

Bel Air South Community Foundation

BILL 13_16 FLYER.docx


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