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Death of a bill in 39 seconds

17 April 2013

How Bill 13-16 failed – in 39 seconds.

At the meeting of the County Council, April 16 2013, people of Harford County watched a bill on Zoning Structure Regulations go through nearly 2 hours of public hearing, discussion, amendment and motion to approve only to witness, within a minute, its failure.

Look at the video of the April 16 2013 meeting. The list of meetings is available at this site

Harford County Council

No Council member speaks up to second the motion to approve Bill 13-16 on Zoning Structure Regulations. April 16 2013. Image from

After 200 citizens attended a public hearing for 90 minutes, followed by the regular legislative session of the council, imagine the shock and bewilderment people must have felt, first after seeing the various amendments, two of which exempted the proposed Wal-mart from any impact of the bill, and second after seeing the bill fail without even coming to vote. ICYMI, here are those 39 seconds of the Council Proceedings:

Council President Boniface: Having concluded the public hearing on Bill 13-16 as amended, the Zoning Structure Regulation, requirements, is there a motion?

2:05:05 Jim McMahon moves to approve Bill 13-16
Silence follows.

Billy Boniface1

April 16 2013. Image from

2:05:11 Can I have a second? asks Council Pres Boniface
No reply.

2:05:15 I have a motion by Mr. Macmahon to approve Bill number 13-16, as amended. Is there a second?

2:05:28 There being no second, bill 13-16 fails.

2:05:33 Okay, next up …


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