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For the Love of Asparagus

6 May 2013

Dug a Pit. పని కి ఆహార పధకం లాగ ఉంది , thought I. (This is like food-for-work, or more accurately, work-for-food). 8’ x 2′ x 8” – was not dug all at once, but in three rounds – first unearthing 4 inches, then 2 more, then 2 more. Deeper than my pit were my thoughts, in the hallowed tradition of urban farmers since Thoreau, who said:

”When my hoe tinkled against the stones, that music echoed to the woods and the sky, and was an accompaniment to my labor which yielded an instant and immeasurable crop.” Good thing too … who would dare measure the actual crop?

Had an MNREGA worker dug that pit she’d not even have received a days’ wages, because it would not have taken her a day to do it. It didn’t take me all day either, but I dug only one pit per day.  I dug one yesterday too, and probably need to dig one more tomorrow so we can put the rest of the asparagus crowns in the ground.


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