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Do you eat kale?

7 June 2013

I used Grammarly to check the grammar on this post, because grammar is too important to be left to grammarians!

Do you eat kale?

Kale? As in the leafy green stuff?


Full of vitamins, minerals, all that?


I’ve known people who ate kale. Positively swear by it!

Aravinda almost ate kale once … she read about a vegetarian in DC … can’t say either of them was firing on all cylinders at the time. So she went to the farmer’s market, got all dreamy when she saw these people who fly on plows and they offered to sell her some kale and she accepted it. She looked up Getting raw with spring salads. Anyway chaos obviously ensued until she saw sense and gave it all up.

How would you … eat kale?

Well I guess it depends on whose plow it flew from! A firm grasp with the hand followed by quick action of the jaw should do the trick …

So Actually …. I am trying to eat Raw Food. At first I was envisioning a meal made entirely of raw food, at least once a week, just to get me started. But I read about raw food and am daunted by the ingredients, the photos. So far all I have done is raw snacking. Between lunch and dinner, I reach for the raw. Usually it is just carrots or apples but sometimes I go for seeds as well … flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Well, I have once again bought kale, straight form the Flying Plow, and am aiming to make something of it.

[With a tip of the hat to PG Wodehouse, and gratitude to the The Russian Wodehouse Society.  See page 13 for the conversation in question.]

Raw. Stay tuned 🙂

Flying Plow Farm at the Bel Air Farmer’s Market. I got some Kale!


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