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So long, Cheerios

13 June 2013

For a long time I was in denial about my enthusiasm for Cheerios. After all, it is a highly processed, packaged food and I do not approve of packaged food. Even so, I used to bring some into the house when the price was right.

No longer. Ever since I learned that General Mills, the maker of Cheerios has opposed the right of consumers to know if a product contains genetically modified organisms, I have had to face the uncomfortable and painful fact that Cheerios themselves may contain GMOs and worse, the outrage that their parent company would conceal this information from the public at large. The very same public that has made Cheerios one of the most popular packaged foods in the United States, one that even new parents trust to give their babies. So popular it never ever goes on sale … because it doesn’t have to! Well, no, not never ever if you count the rare occasions that the price comes to $2 for 14 ounces.  Note that this is still double the price of buying rolled oats or even steel cut oats, and at least triple if you weigh the oats after cooking, but before adding fruits or anything else.

cheerios ingredientsNo longer. General Mills has contributed more than 1 million dollars to the campaign to defeat California’s Proposition 37 which requires labelling of products containing Genetically Modified Organisms. Plus just look at the second ingredient on the list – Modified Corn Starch.

Soon after I put these pieces of information together, the Cheerios went on sale. I was tempted, but I refrained. In a bid to win back my loyalty, the “biracial ad” came out, along with a spoof. A year ago, I would have joined the cheerleading for Cheerios.

I have to hand it to their ad campaign though. They know how to cover for their crimes and sway the fickle consumer-activists.

Update:  Ever more deviously inserting itself into the popular image of traditional breakfast, Cheerios goes all out with its ad featuring the dearly departed grandmother, as called out by the Colbert Report.


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  1. I am with you on this. 😦 Boooooooo for this manufacturer. Disgusting….

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