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In search of Os

17 June 2013

When I unexpectedly got a chance to visit Trader Joe’s in Elkridge I thought I would get some Os, relieving the dry spell since I stopped buying Cheerios.   At first  it was because I was waiting for them to go on sale, but by the time they finally did I got wind of some information that stopped me.  They are made by General Mills, who has given a million dollars to oppose GMO labeling.  (This news appeared in November but I learned about it only recently.)  In any case, I haven’t bought Cheerios in almost a year.  And now I just won’t be buying them.  I learned that Trader Joe’s uses no GMOs in any of its own products and today I walked to the store,  ready to make the purchase.  As it happens, in Elkridge at least, Trader Joe’s Os appear almost as soon as you enter the store, in the front corner of the first aisle.

To my surprise though, the organic Os were not there.   I asked at the Customer Service Desk and the manager looked up something and read out, “Not in Stock.”  The note was made in May.  He did not know when it was expected.  “Try back next week,” he suggested optimistically.  I told him I had come from out of town, and was not likely to come back very soon.

All this searching for GMO-free food and making my views known to the management takes time.  Unfortunately I was in a hurry, but I managed to bring up the matter again when I was in the check out line.  The cashier sympathized with me and said that he was waiting for the product to come back in stock as well.   He also mentioned that it is not uncommon for Trader Joe’s customers to find that the items they want are out of stock.  Considering how jam packed the store was, even on Monday at noon, I wonder why they have inventory flow issues on such a popular item as Os, especially when people concerned about GMOs are often also interested in organic food.  Even the non organic variety of the Os is GMO-free, according to Trader Joes.   All the same, I can do without the modified corn starch which appears on the ingredient list.


From → Idle

  1. I haven’t looked into the different vendors, but have you tried David’s Natural Market here in Forest Hill to see what they have available? Or if you look online and find a product that you want to try, talk to the Manager, Bridgette….she will be more than glad to place an order for you for the product. And if it looks good they try to make room on their shelves for a product that their clientele will come back and keep purchasing!

    • Aravinda permalink

      What a coincidence I was just at David’s Natural Market this morning. I bought steel cut oats which all of us eat for breakfast nowadays.

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