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Acrobat Dilemma 2013

25 June 2013
Warmups before drama practice.

Warmups before drama practice.

It is time once again to perform The Acrobat Dilemma.  After a successful run in 2012, we are ready to try it again with an all new cast of characters.  We shall meet every day from July 1 – July 11, 10:30 – 1:00 pm with a snack break.  Off on July 4th and weekend.  Performance on July 11 at Shamrock Park, Bel Air.

Auditions: July 1

Parts: Ringmaster, Messenger, Inspector, Leapord, Leapord Trainer, Acrobat, Substitute Acrobat, and 2-3 other circus members.

We will also do some warmups everyday to help develop expression and stage presence.

Suggested Age:  6-16

Reading level – no reading is required for those who can learn their lines without a script.  Those playing Ringmaster, Messenger, Inspector and Leopard Trainer will have many lines and will need to read and learn them from the script. 

Younger children  may try out for parts that require more actions and fewer lines, including clown, juggler, acrobat, popcorn vendor, or propose their own circus act to be included in the show.


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  1. Mandee permalink

    Very excited about this! 🙂

  2. UPDATE:

    Parts have been cast; they are –

    Ringmaster – Lesie
    Messenger – Vera
    Inspector – Khiyali
    Leopard – A toy dog
    Leopard Trainer – Ricky
    Acrobat – Andrew
    Substitute Acrobat – Andrew
    Other Circus Members – Abagail, Khiyali.

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