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Remembering Inez M Buckner (1922-2012)

29 June 2013

She lived on Idlewild Street till last year.  I only learned her name today.

Condolences to the family, whom I often saw around the house and only met today when they held a yard sale.     From the short time I visited I could tell what a caring and memorable woman was Inez M Buckner.  So many greeting cards, many of them thank you notes.  Her daughter told me that when she went back home after this past Memorial Day, one year after her mother’s passing, she found a handwritten letter awaiting her in the mail.  It brought back memories of the times I used to write letters almost daily and look forward to the mail every day, always hoping for a letter.

Her grandson told me that M stands for Marguerite. It was a pleasure to meet the family and learn a little bit about someone whom I had only associated with the lovely flowers outside her home, and admired during my morning walks.

Now I have her step stool, to reach things in the kitchen, as well as a few greeting cards, which I will send to people soon, and  some jigsaw puzzles.  I wonder if she ever did those puzzles!


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