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You too could live on Idlewild Street

20 September 2013

Come on! You know you want to … rural but not too rural, urban but not too urban. A town with an actual Main Street still functioning. If you use your imagination, while strolling on Main Street near the court house and fountain, you can imagine you are in any city of the world.

… and now you have your chance. #34 Idlewild Street is for sale. How do I love Idlewild Street? Let me count the ways!

A real estate agent might only point out the proximity to the entire set of schools, from K-12 which are lined up all in a row, just down the street. From #34 you can probably see them from your porch. In any case, none will be more than a 5 minute walk away. That includes the elementary schools, which have playgrounds that kids can use when school’s out.  And guess what, if you homeschool, it’s even better, because the homeschool reviewer’s office is at the middle school, at 99 Idlewild Street, which is actually the closest of all these schools to Idlewild Street itself!

But there’s more.

Idlewild Street, especially west of Main Street, is about the most convenient location you could ever hope to have, even if  – especially if –  you have no car. Here are all the things in walking distance:

1. aforementioned schools and homeschool office.
2. The Library
3. Main Street – for those who like to shop local, including two thrift stores, for those who like to shop cheap, green and local.
4. Everything else on Main Street like the farmer’s market, the Court, the Fountain, First Fridays, Third Thursdays and all the other local culture that we have here in downtown Bel Air.
6.  Harford County Council Meetings take place on Bond Street, near downtown Bel Air.  And Representative Andy Harris’ office is in Terlyn Square.
7. Shamrock Park, one of the best little parks in the County – with open space, playground, picnic tables AND an amphitheatre all in one place – near the library as well.
8. Rockfield Creative Playground – another nice playground, with a little creek adjacent to it.
9. Ma & Pa Trail
10. Grocery Stores – Klein’s, Mars, Weis
9. Other Stores – Harford Mall, Tollgate Mall, Terlyn Square, and all kinds of stores on Main Street & Bond Street.
10. Doctors / Pharmacy – Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, as well as Patient First and Atwood Professional Building
11. Lots of Banks, financial services, law, etc.
12. Country Village is across the street – good place to make friends if Idlewild St is too quiet for you / your kids.

Everything listed above is half-a-mile to a mile away!

What if you need to go to Baltimore? Well the 410 bus stop is also within 10 minutes walk, at the intersection of McPhail and Edgehill. You can only go in the morning and come back in the evening, but it sure beats driving. And it is $3.50 each way, which is less than the toll for the Fort McHenry Tunnel! The last bus to Baltimore leaves at 7:35am and takes you to downtown – you can connect with the MARC train Camden line if you want to continue to Washington, DC. Otherwise you can get to DC without a car by taking the Harford County bus to Aberdeen and catching the MARC train from there. (Here are the other routes on the Harford County bus service.)

A bugle band stops to play on Idlewild Street. 4 July 2013.


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