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Harford County Climate Expo!

13 November 2015
Truly amazing that we could make this happen in Harford County.  Hats off to Tracey & George, Bill, Brooke and so many who have been working intensely behind the scenes, making it possible for the rest of us to show up and take part.  I am also glad that we did some of the door-to-door and phone outreach, the good old-fashioned way.

I really liked meeting every person that came by our table.  I rigged up an “activity” for the kids – to write on a paper one thing they would do to save energy or save water and asked them to hold it up.  I then asked them to take a picture of themselves.  If they wanted me to take the pic, then I did. Not planning to post these, it was just something to get them thinking about it.  I also liked being next to the League of Women Voters booth, and visiting the BGE arcade, etc.
We should do it again and build on it.  People have more confidence that we can make a difference, and that is the first step to taking action.

Fantastic speakers at the Harford County Climate Action Expo last night. Great to hear Paster Derren Thompson talk about our responsibility for the environment, young people like Zion and Molly talk about energy-efficient cars and clean air, Tracey Waite talk about the urgency of the climate crisis, and Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti talk about legislation to fight pollution. She walks the talk too, she picked up a pack of a dozen Say NO to Plastic Bags and promised to work towards a bottle bill and ban on plastic bags.


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