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25 June 2016

Well one thing was abundantly clear as well cleaned a stretch of roadside along Moore’s Mill Road this morning.

Those who are trashing the planet are trashing their bodies too – in all the bags of trash we collected in a few hours along a mile or so of road, I don’t even want to count the number of junk food and beverage containers that were left lying amidst the trees. Not to mention cigarette butts.  This was the second time we worked this road, after “adopting” it on behalf of Harford County Climate Action.

Though one might ask why we are cleaning up such bits of trash in one of the cleaner parts of the county while considerably worse pollution is going on elsewhere, we know our capacity and the selected location is one we can handle given our limited numbers. It also makes Harford County Climate Action visible and should encourage more people to get involved and connect the little pictures to the big picture of environmental justice and the climate crisis – which in this county is not an easy task.  Sincere thanks to Tracey Waite for organizing all this so that we can show up and do our part.


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