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Don’t Frack Maryland – Growing Awareness in Bel Air

18 November 2016

Harford County Climate Action is working to support a Maryland State ban on fracking.  In response to the call from the Sierra Club and Don’t Frack Maryland to post and tweet pictures for Frack Free Friday, aka #FrackFreeFriday, some of us gathered at the Ma & Pa Trail for a photoshoot.   We collected our posters; Lizzie, Amalie and Allie made some new ones, and Pam brought along a portrait of Smokey the Bear saying “Only YOU can stop faucet fires.”  Her friend painted it based on a design spotted at the People’s Climate March of ’14.   Lucky for us, Kari brought along her camera!

We call for a ban on fracking in Maryland because we care about clean water, clean air, clean energy, a reliable economy and safe jobs.  Experiences of communities in areas that have been fracked, show that all of these suffer, and cause harm to people, the economy and the environment that continues long after the short-term financial gains evaporate.

Support our cause – sign the petition:

Sierra Club NOFracking collageWait, there’s more:


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