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Speaking of Racism in Bel Air

17 October 2017

Seven Bel Air High students disciplined for racist photo
from the Aegis, October 12, 2017

Town Council Meeting, Oct 17, 2017

At the beginning of the public comment period the mayor said that they had received a number of letters and that they all agreed that what happened was unacceptable. Of course they said that they have no control over the school and encouraged us to take it to the Board of Ed, which we plan to do. We in turn tried to talk about what they could do as commissioners and what the town needed to do as a community to combat prejudice, bullying and a climate that promotes racial injustice.

I think any further letters that people wish to write to the Town should focus on that aspect. And we should follow up with the invitations / challenges of DeLane Lewis and Cheryl Adams to see that they attend the Walking While Black film screening. It would certainly make a clear statement that they took this issue seriously if they were present at the screening and took part in the discussion.

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