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Town of Bel Air election results

10 November 2017

The results are in!  Congratulations to Patrick Richards and Amy Chmielewski.  We look forward to working with you and setting strong expectations for improving life in our community.

The Final and Official Election Results are:

Patrick T. Richards: 262 + 2 Absentee/Provisional = 264 Total Votes
Amy G. Chmielewski: 158 + 2 Absentee/Provisional = 160 Total Votes
Michael D. Kutcher: 119 + 2 Absentee/Provisional = 121 Total Votes
Christopher J. Jordan: 115 + 0 Absentee/Provisional = 115 Total Votes

Other information includes:
Write-ins: 10

Eligible Registered Voters (as of 10/19/2017): 7,459
Ballots Cast: 370
Absentee Ballots Voted: 4
Provisional Ballots Voted: 7
Percentage of Voter Turnout: 5%

Standard Ballots Cast on Election Day: 370
Absentee Ballots Accepted: 3
Provisional Ballots Accepted: 1
Total Votes Cast as of 11/09/2017: 374

Michael L. Krantz
Director of Administration and Town Clerk


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