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Concerned grandmother

29 November 2017

I posted a comment on a letter, Blatant racism is unconscionable for Harford County Public Schools, that appeared in the Aegis on Oct 20, 2017.

I appreciate your concerns and would like to share your hopes.  As a society, we need a much greater awareness and willingness to confront the problem head-on.  The extent of segregation, discrimination and doublespeak is getting worse and requires a forceful, unified challenge.

We need to observe very closely which of our public officials acknowledges the seriousness of this issue and which dismiss and laugh about it.  We have seen both kinds following this and other incidents in Bel Air and Harford County.  We need to keep the light shining, and support one another in working for change.

Written by a grandmother who persuaded her daughter to move to Bel Air, and is now ashamed of the recent racist incident that took place at the high school, the letter made me think about the book we discussed last night at our book club, The New Jim Crow. How naive so many of us have been and how urgently we have to get out of that if we hope to change things rather than talk about how we hope to change things and find two generations later that things are worse than when we started.

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